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Denis Beaupré holds an LL.B. from the Université de Sherbrooke and was called to the Bar in 1992.

He joined the firm’s Municipal Law section in 2001 and has been practising in the Joliette office ever since.

Mtre Beaupré focuses his practice on municipal and administrative law, specifically drafting legal opinions and settlements. He appears before the ordinary courts to ensure municipal by-laws and other laws enforced by municipalities are complied with.

He also acts as legal counsel for various local municipalities and RCMs and acts as a prosecutor in several municipal courts.

He is a regular speaker and instructor for various associations, such as the Fédération québécoise des municipalités and the Association des directeurs municipaux du Québec, to name a few.


Municipal Law
  • Municipal organization and procedures
  • Protection of agricultural territory
  • Urban planning
  • Contracts of municipal organizations
  • Judicial control of municipal organizations
  • Environment
  • Municipal courts and criminal law
  • Expropriation
Administrative Law
  • Access to information and protection of personal information
  • Professional law
  • Public freedoms and human rights
Civil Litigation


Barreau du Québec



Université de Sherbrooke

Pro-Green Award 1991

Awarded by the law students’ association of the Université de Sherbrooke to the student most likely to stand out in the field of environmental protection.

Barreau Scholarship 1991

Awarded by a Faculty of Law committee to students who have stood out through their academic results and their involvement in school activities during their undergraduate studies.

Affiliations & Activities



Conferences Web lecturer for the Fédération québécoise des municipalités on alternative mechanisms for resolving resident disputes (June 2014).

Gave a course on issues such as professional ethics and the environment for the Fédération québécoise des municipalités intended for newly elected officials.

Prepared and gave various training courses designed for inspectors and special constables who are regularly called before the Municipal Court. Member of the Board of Directors of the Association des procureurs de Cours municipales du Québec (Director in 2000, Secretary-Treasurer 2001-2005 and Chair 2005-2006).

Guest speaker at the Chambre de commerce de Rawdon in August 1999.

Guest speaker at the Association des procureurs des Cours municipales du Québec in April 1999 on defending acquired rights before the municipal courts.

Guest speaker at the Régie de police de la MRC Rivière du Nord on legal issues in the application of the Highway Safety Code.

Guest speaker at the Corporation des officiers municipaux en bâtiments et environnement du Québec in February 1998 on the enforcement of nuisance by-laws by municipal inspectors.

Ran the poly-vacances program for the Faculty of Law of the Université de Sherbrooke in 1990 and 1991.



Mtre Beaupré has also published various articles related to his areas of practice:

« (in)civilité) municipale »in Développements récents en droit municipale 2021.

« Litiges agricoles : le régime des personnes désignées »,
Revue Quorum, September-October 2013.

« Le partage des sommes d’un fonds réservé à la réfection et à l’entretien de certaines voies publiques»,
Revue Quorum, pages 60 and 61, Vol. 37, No 4, September-October 2012.

« Une ordonnance de démolition est opposable à l’acquéreur subséquent »,
Bulletin municipal, September 2003,

« La tarification des services de protection incendie aux propriétaires non-résidents de véhicules volés: la Cour d’appel tranche le débat », Bulletin municipal, September 2002.

« Les nouvelles règles d’adjudication des contrats municipaux (projet de loi 29) et les problèmes les plus fréquents rencontrés dans leur application », Bulletin municipal, April 2002.

« La matrice graphique est un document confidentiel commentaires sur la décision Parent c. Ayer’s Cliff A.I.E 96 AC-58 », La revue Scribe, 1997.