Our strength

In a perfect world, there would be no litigation or disputes. But as long as conflicts arise, our knowledgeable, thorough and sensitive team will be there to support our clients in seeking solutions. A leader in the legal field for over 50 years, Bélanger Sauvé advises businesses and public bodies on administrative law, municipal law, civil litigation and insurance law, labour law, and commercial and real-estate law. Firmly rooted in tradition, looking resolutely to the future.

Our origins
Bélanger Sauvé was born from the 1967 merger of two Montreal law firms seeking to provide their clients with quality legal services. Drawing on this foundation, mainly in municipal and expropriation law, the firm subsequently developed a reputation for its expertise in labour law, then in civil litigation and insurance law.

A litigator’s office
Bélanger Sauvé advises and represents many Quebec municipalities, intermunicipal boards and RCMs, insurers, and major public and para-governmental organizations. It also has one of the largest litigation teams in Quebec and acts for clients before administrative bodies and all ordinary courts.

Our firm is made up of more than 50 legal professionals assisted and supported by a dynamic team, and has remained people-oriented despite its size. Our lawyers practise primarily in administrative, municipal, civil litigation, insurance, labour, commercial and real estate law.

A real understanding of the issues
Many of our team members have more than just legal expertise thanks to their experience in the municipal world or in the construction and real-estate development sectors. This means we have a true understanding of the issues affecting our various clients.

Our mission
Our lawyers represent insurers, financial institutions, local governments, public bodies and employers. Our clients are served by experienced professionals dedicated to:

● Advising insurers both at the coverage analysis stage and in litigation and alternative dispute resolution.

● Supporting local governments and public bodies in defining their policies, managing their territory, providing public services, as well as in their financing and all their actions.

● Supporting public- and private-sector employers in the day-to-day management of human resources, collective and individual labour relations and health and safety disputes.

Our values
Expertise, know-how, respect and rigour
Our team of lawyers and legal professionals is known for its expertise in handling complex and sensitive cases. All members of Bélanger Sauvé are dedicated to providing respectful and thorough service of the highest calibre.

Our founders
Bélanger Sauvé was built on the determination and exceptional contribution of many founders, including maîtres Marcel Bélanger, Pierre Sauvé, Yvon Denault and Guy Pepin.

Key dates
1967 – Merger of two firms, one led by maître Jacques Viau and the other by maître Marcel Bélanger
New corporate name: Lacroix, Viau, Bélanger, Hébert, Mailloux, Beauregard, Paquet, Denault et Pinard
Areas of practice: civil law, municipal law, assessment and expropriation

1972 – Mailloux, Beauregard, Paquet, Denault et Pinard
Addition of a new area of practice with the arrival of maître Jean-Paul Legault: labour law

1978 – Arrival of maître Pierre Sauvé
Addition of a new area of practice: corporate law

1984 – New name : Bélanger Sauvé

1987Merger with Asselin, Dupaul
Addition of a new area of practice: insurance law

1991 – Integration of maître Pierre Moreau’s team

1995 – Affiliation with Beaumier Richard (Trois-Rivières)

2001 – Office opens in Joliette

2002 – Arrival of Pepin Létourneau’s insurance lawyers, including founder Guy Pepin
Merger with Beaumier Roberge (Trois-Rivières)

2015 – Affiliation with the LeChasseur firm

2017 – Merger with LeChasseur lawyers

Judges who used to work at Bélanger Sauvé
The Honourable Marc Beauregard, j.c.a
The Honourable Pierre Pinard, j.c.s
The Honourable Paul Mailloux, j.c.q
The Honourable René Roy, j.c.q
The Honourable Luc Lefebvre, j.c.s
The Honourable Pierre Journet, j.c.s
The Honourable Richard Nadeau, j.c.s
The Honourable Michèle Monast, j.c.s
The Honourable Michel Richard, j.c.s
The Honourable Michel Delorme, j.c.s
The Honourable Claude-Henri Gendreau, j.c.s
The Honourable Sylvie Devito, j.c.s
The Honourable Marie Michelle Lavigne, j.c.q
The Honourable Henri Richard, j.c.q
The Honourable Pierre Labrie, j.c.s
The Honourable Stéphane Brière, j.c.m
The Honourable Céline Gervais, j.c.q
The Honourable Daniel Beaulieu j.c.s


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