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Sylvain Racette has been a member of the Insurance Law section since its inception and has argued numerous cases before all levels of court in Quebec.

Mtre Racette acts primarily for general insurers and has honed a litigation expertise that enables him to achieve favourable results for his clients, advise them on insurance coverage matters, litigation strategies and decision-making, and conduct statutory examinations in anticipation of litigation. He is the coordinator of the firm’s Insurance Law section.

Mtre Racette also guides claims adjusters and other insurance industry clients through the claims process and prepares them for subrogatory action. He has experience with alternative dispute resolution, including settlement conferences both at first instance and on appeal.


Corporate and Business Law
Insurance and Civil Litigation
Municipal Law


Sherbrooke Advocacy Seminar


Barreau du Québec


Bachelor in Law (LL.B.)

Université de Sherbrooke

Numerous training courses on oral communication and on the art of persuasion.

Typical Mandates

Mtre Racette regularly represents general insurers in various matters involving property claims, questionable claims, product or work liability, site security (injuries), municipal liability, liability of carriers and carriage brokers and pollution issues.

Over the years, Mtre Racette has appeared before the Court of Appeal in a wide variety of matters, including transportation law, insolvency (C-36), quality assurance, suretyships, contractor’s liability, procedure, seizures, property claims, prescription and professionals liability insurance.

Professional Accomplishments


Provides general advice regarding insurance claims.

Drafts opinions on insurance coverage.

Conducts statutory examinations.

Handles disputes for plaintiffs or defendants.

Recovery of property in the criminal courts.

Affiliations & Activities


Member of the Barreau du Québec since 2002.

Mr. Racette has been called to act as a speaker in the context of a training activities entitled The Investigation of the Claims Adjuster in light of the New Code of Civil Procedure.