Solveig Canler
Human resources and communications Coordinator

Solveig Canler

Montreal Office
Direct line : (514) 876-6255
Fax : (514) 876-6355
H. Désy
Direct line : (514) 878-3089 # 2332
Fax : (514) 878-3053  


Fields of expertise

Holder of a degree in Information and Communications Technology (Diplôme universitaire de technologie en Information et communication) from the University of Lille (France) and of a degree in copywriting (Diplôme de conceptrice-rédactrice) (CEPRECO, Roubaix, France), Ms. Canler has acquired extensive experience in both internal and external communications as well as in media relations.

Ms. Canler is in charge of coordination and communication with regards to administration of personnel and, as such, is responsible for all of the firm's related activities.

She is also entrusted with ensuring the overall efficiency of public relations at Bélanger Sauvé, more particularly through various media such as advertising, sponsorships and promotinal activities and by organizing various events.

Professional Influence

Solveig Canler is a member of the Société québécoise des professionnels en relations publiques (SQPRP) and of the Canadian Public Relations Society.

She's also a member the ALA Quebec (Association of Legal Administrators).