Published Date 07/04/11
Insurance Law Bulletin 4.1

Do I benefit from corporate civil liability insurance coverage, whether or not the fault committed is linked to the performance of the given contract?” The Court of Appeal says NO!
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Published Date 02/10/10
Bulletin IMMOBILIER en région - FÉVRIER 2010 (French version only)

Avoir la responsabilité d’un barrage (Me Stéphane Desrochers)

Délégation de la gestion foncière des terres du domaine de l’état et de la gestion de l’exploitation du sable et du gravier sur les terres du domaine de l’état (Me Stéphane Desrochers)

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Published Date 07/03/09
Municipal Bulletin - June 2009 (French version only)

L’absentéisme, l’accommodement et la contrainte excessive; un trio à bien comprendre (Me Mélissa A. Bolduc et Me Frédéric Poirier)

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Published Date 06/20/11
They are serving their Apprenticeship as Articling Students in our Midst…

We are happy to welcome for the second period of apprenticeship as articling students Jessica Gendron andÉmilie Tremblay.
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Published Date 12/31/10
Bélanger Sauvé is on the Oyez Oyez website

We are proud to announce the beginning of our partnership with the Oyez Oyez website dedicated to the Internet publication and distribution of municipal public documents for the benefit of a wide audience. Bélanger Sauvé will contribute its extensive knowledge of municipal affairs to this promising platform. We invite you to consult the « news » section of Oyez Oyez for more details.
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Published Date 01/25/10
She's serving her apprenticeship as articling student

We are pleased to welcome for her apprenticeship as articling student Ms. Stéphanie Lalande for a six-month period.
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